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Sunday, June 12, 2016

More Love. Less Hate. Orlando Thoughts

I have not read all the details, but my heart aches for the families and loved ones of the victims.

Once again, we hear the story of a mass shooting, and the same questions arise.

Did the shooter's family or loved ones know about this? Did they know he was harmful? Did they seek help for him? Was help available?

What led him to hate this much? Did this individual ever experience love? Did he get to know lots of people from all kinds of backgrounds well enough to understand how, while we are all different, we all have a right to a good life, and we all have the potential to make life better for one another?

Did this individual understand that there are so many ways to affect change that are peaceful and nonviolent? Did he ever look forward in his life to dreams of living life well and enjoying what life has to offer?

Was the shooter well educated? Did he have a chance to think about life or to dream and learn?

It's cowardly to shoot and kill. It's selfish. It's violent, harsh, inhuman, and hateful.

It's so much more difficult and courageous to work for really good change in the world. It's so much more altruistic and peaceful to cleverly craft your words, actions, and time to truly make a difference. It's so much more frightening to stand up unarmed and speak with love for what is right and good than to slaughter innocent, unarmed people.

Not only are shooters like today's individual cowardly, but they are monstrous too. Anyone who purposefully attacks innocents demonstrates a sheer lack of humanity, a disintegration of mind and body that's unfathomable.

How can we better identify these people before horrendous acts? What are the tell tale signs that we should look for? In the meantime, let's regulate gun ownership more--we can do this in ways similar to the policies for automobile registration and licensure.

Let's also motivate the public to speak up and report when illegal guns are present and unlawful gun use known.

I'm not an expert about this issue, but I know enough to understand that we have to face this problem with our best collective intelligence and will to protect innocent people and help the sick and disturbed amongst us.

Again, my heart aches for the victims. I know we can do better in their name. And right now we can honor them by making a commitment to act with greater love and kindness in the days ahead.