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Friday, June 17, 2016

Living System Coaching and Mentoring

If our current greatest obstacles in education exist at the systematic or structural levels of school, what does that mean for future work?

In many ways the work at the teacher level has been elevated when we see evaluation elements that outline what it means to teach well in deep, holistic ways. If teachers embed these elements into their work, they will teach well. Also to become a teacher today in Massachusetts is a lengthy, deep process--one that means our new teachers are well educated and ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the job.

What lies at the center of optimal change now is our transition from industrial systems to knowledge-worker systems in schools. This systematic, structural change calls for greater support, coaching, and mentoring.

As we look forward in this direction, I believe we have to look at the research related to living systems--how can we coach, mentor, and support living systems theory and practice in schools.

Recently a NASA engineer came to my school. He spoke of how his work is replicating living systems work as he focuses on elegant design for space stations.

We are recognizing at this point in our culture that corporate/industrial systems of old do not fit the needs of today's world.

So, with only a little knowledge in this area at my access at this time, I intuitively believe this is the way to move, a movement supported by the high level NASA engineer recently and a movement support by Margaret Wheatley and others.

How do we support, coach, and mentor living system work and leadership in schools? Why does this matter? What potential does this hold with regard to optimal service to all children?