Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lead Time and Planting Seeds

Optimal learning and teaching
profits from lead time. 
Lead time is essential to good learning, because learning, like planting seeds, takes time to germinate.

For example as I spoke to upcoming fifth graders about the year ahead, I mentioned the Global Cardboard Challenge project. I pointed to the boxes that covered the wall waiting for their creativity. I challenged them to play with boxes over the summer and to create. Essentially I planted the seed.

Further, I included the project outline on the class website in case they want to take a look at it over the summer months. I know that, to a large degree, the seeds of new ideas germinate in the mind in all kinds of ways leading up to project work. When those seeds are planted with lead time, good work becomes more possible than when the seeds are planted with little to no lead time.

It's important to recognize the important role lead time plays with regard to good learning and teaching, and it's important to not relay ideas too late or at the last minute as when that happens you lose out on the important, quiet, deep learning that takes place in anticipation of the learning event.