Monday, June 27, 2016

It's a New Year: School Year 2016-2017

Happy children signify positive teaching/learning programs.
I'm officially declaring the start to the new school for me today.

Today starts the new school year because today, at The Wayland Institutes, I'll think about, prepare for, and collaborate around ideas for school year 2016-2017.

What does this mean for my work and effort?

It means that I'll shift my attitude and effort a bit to reflect the learning I've done in the past year. For so long I've been wanting to change some avenues of work and effort with regard to the greater organization I work for, and today rather than working to motivate change, I'll work to better collaborate and work in solidarity with invested educators who both share and push my vision. Instead of pushing the boundaries in areas that may seem unwelcoming at times, I'll seek those who also want to push boundaries and teach better--I'll work to form a positive community of change, growth, and development.

For too long, I've let the resistance get to me. In a sense, I've desired to prove that my research, reading, and study has merit to the naysayers, but now, after lots of thought and consult, I recognize that rather than prove, I have to seek out like-thinkers, creators, educators, and community members who are eager to share ideas, positively embed good research, and collaborate to teach and learn well.

There are so many positive paths to travel in this regard, and so many positive people to travel with. The opportunities to teach and learn better today are limitless and it's not worth the time to try to convince others of this. Instead it is worth the time to seek out like-minded, enthusiastic, positive, and energetic colleagues to forge the path with.

What will this new direction look like?

First, as I interact in a large number of professional learning opportunities this summer, I'll continually think about how I might embed the learning and connect with the people involved to develop the work I can do with students and via my blog to better education for all children.

Next, I'll use the information and time to update resources that matter in this regard, and then I'll find ways to positively share those resources with others. I'll also review the patterns I use to teach and support my work--patterns that I believe I can refine to maximize energy, contribution, and impact.

Finally, I'll also use this time to hone my own skills, skills related to presentation, share, camaraderie, reverence, and respect--the kinds of skills that serve to build strong teaching/learning teams in and around classroom life.

It takes confidence to forge a path like this, the kind of confidence that I've been able to develop thanks to so many good colleagues in and outside of the teaching/learning organization. At time, in some education institutions, the fact that teacher voice and choice is not regarded well is oppressive which leads to less confidence and development with regard to positively navigating one's path.

I hope that my newly revised path will enable me to enable others as well to move forward in the profession with confidence, positivity, impact, and direction as there is so much to learn and so much to teach in order to do our jobs well, and doing our jobs well matters with regard to supporting and enriching children's lives and the lives of our communities.