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Monday, June 06, 2016

Following Forward Movers

I follow a lot of forward movers online. It's been amazing to see where their paths have led. Forward movers like +Krissy Venosdale +rafranz davis +Andrew Marcinek +Dan Callahan +Pam Moran +Ira David Socol aren't held back by old think and patterns. Instead these people and so many others like them push forward to synthesize old and new ideas to do the best they can to teach children well.

It seems that these educators don't miss a beat; they continue to read, listen to, and try out new ideas in their schools and learning organizations, and the stories they tell of student engagement and success are wonderful.

Too often ideas, innovation, and questions are blocked in learning organizations, and when this happens, students miss out on learning/teaching efforts that can make a big difference.

I'm grateful that the people I mention above readily share their work and ideas online. I read what they have to say and notice the images and videos they share too.

It's important that organizations notice where the snags occur when it comes to dynamic teaching and learning. For example, I find that many schools employ tech patterns that stall positive use of technology to promote best possible education. Re-looking at systems of tech share and use can be one way to open the gates to new and better learning. I've also found that purchasing patterns and decisions can prevent some of the good work possible. In some organizations, teachers are distanced from how money is spent therefore they don't have a say about the materials they order and try out. +Krissy Venosdale and +rafranz davis are always busy trying out terrific technology to boost learning in multiple ways. Both women have been invited to The White House recently to share their work and ideas. They are true leaders of technology and STEAM teaching and learning.

To invigorate the forward movement in organizations it's important to open up the paths of share and decision making to more than less employees. By adopting distributive leadership models and greater access to technology, resources, and curriculum decisions in streamlined, effective, and efficient ways, learning/teaching organizations will invite and promote more forward movers, and, in return, these people, like the people I mention above, will invigorate what's possible with regard to student teaching and learning. Our attention to systematic process and opportunity is integral to the forward movement of all educators and education systems. This matters.