Sunday, June 19, 2016

Focus In: Teaching Math

Personification is one way to help students learn math well. 
As I completed the TLI year, I realized that the next step for me is focusing in. I've been a bit everywhere which, in some ways, has diluted potential growth and good work. No one can be all things.

My next step is to focus in on math education and teaching. In a sense, I may write a math book to guide myself and perhaps others with regard to math teaching and learning.

I must say that I LOVE the subject and see so much potential to use math as a portal to all teaching and learning.

What does it mean to focus in?

First it means that I'll have the time to hone my skills in many areas including communication and collaboration skills. I will seek to find ways to build capacity for what I can do on my own and what I can do with others to teach this subject area well.

Next it means that I'll organize all my real-time and online materials to create a strong, accessible resource for math teaching and learning--a resource available to everyone in my teaching/learning circles including students, families, colleagues, administrators, leaders, and others in my Professional Learning Network (PLN).

Further, this means I'll be reading a lot about math and teaching well. I especially want to see how brain/cognitive science, cultural proficiency, and matters related to our most challenged students fits well into this initiative in order to teach all students this subject well.

As noted in a past, recent post, I'll create a few good assessment tools so that I can assess my work as I journey this path.

I have been eager to change schools and as I look at this desire broadly, I realize that schools are changing. I am also heartened to hear that the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) strengthens the path for student/teacher engagement and empowerment, and that's promising with regard to good schools too. Now it's time to do my part as deeply as I can with the objective of teaching math to all fifth graders in my school well.

If you have wisdom for me, please share. I'm happy to determine and begin this exciting path.