Tuesday, May 24, 2016

You Write Too Much!

Many tell me I write too much.

Yet, the issues I write about may not be happening if others wrote even a little in the past.

There's a lot left to do in many arenas--work that's been left undone, and questions unanswered, opportunity left dormant.

For many years, a number of issues in education just didn't seem right to me--issues locally and issues beyond the local level. I was up to my ears with work and caring for family during those year so I struggled through.

Now I have a bit of time. I have years of experience. I have a large number of contacts who have taught me a lot. I can see where many struggles have started, and to a large degree, these struggles have been born from a lack of communication, disinterest in the foundation issues/efforts, and an unwillingness to really think about what's happening in education.

So perhaps I do write too much. Perhaps I should streamline, however, which issue am I go to let go of?

I suspect that a few, who don't like my questions, are planting the seeds of this discussion and speak about me and my ideas. I notice the trail and most of those who comment in this way are friends with each other outside of the professional realm. I've seen this tactic used in relation to other issues by the same group over time.

I will continue to write as long as the issues persist and little attention is directed in that way.

Do you write too much, do you write too little, or do you write just right. It's akin to the Little Bears issue, and I suspect the right answer differs depending on your perspective.

Wisdom is always welcome.

And just because I write it doesn't mean you have to read it. That's the glory of open blogs like this one--it's there for the taking, but you don't have to take.