Monday, May 23, 2016

Who Are Your Allies?

Last week a number of interactions created deep stress by the time the weekend came around. I realize this morning that's important that each of us identify our allies, and those, on the other hand, may not support the work we do either purposely or without thinking.

Our allies can be identified in the following ways:
  • They ask similar questions of life
  • They have similar long range hopes/plans
  • They are honest colleagues, friends, and family members
  • They want the best for us
  • They're willing to risk in words and/or action to help us out
We can ally ourselves to everyone, and not everyone will be your ally. But, it's important to know who those faithful supporters are, and it's even more important not to use them up and to regard their kind, honest support with the respect it deserves.

As for those who challenge us and who are not our allies. It's important to be purposeful and astute when spending time with them. Listen to their words, hear their challenges, and learn from them, but don't expect them to be there by your side as you learn and develop your craft, life. 

As an ally, it's important to take your role seriously too. How can you best support those in your midst who you choose to forward, help out, and care for. What is it that you can do to support their individual and collective effort?