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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Today's Teaching

Today students will take a PARCC test, review math for upcoming math PARCC tests, attend art class, and play at recess or listen to a read along about our spadefoot toads (yes, they arrived and are swimming happily in the aquariums). I'll review and prepare materials for students' transition for Middle School.

My role is to coach a positive "do your best" attitude as well as math strategy and review. My job is also to monitor the testing so that students remain in their seats, focus on the computerized test, and have the scrap paper and log on ticket they need. I will also troubleshoot any testing issues that may occur.

It's been a discouraging week with regard to teacher evaluation systems, lack of response to questions, and difficult conversations and information about systematic issues. While many reach for models of shared leadership and inclusion, other models remain mostly hierarchical which leave little time, support, or inspiration for good growth and development. In time, I'll find a place to share my energy and enthusiasm for growing systems and doing good work together. Fortunately I have a strong team at my grade-level that supports this, and I'll continue to work with and for that model so that we can continue to teach children well.