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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Today's Teaching: PARCC and Math Review

Students will take their third ELA PARCC test today. Overall the students have had a good attitude. Fortunately our students read well and enjoy reading. Many also write well too and they all have good computer skills so they're ready for taking these tests. Of course I expect there to be a variety of scores as students are at many places along the developmental learning, perseverance, and skill line.

After the tests, I'll have some time to review the students' system-wide math test with them. I want to go over a couple of problems that many students had trouble with. I'll also spend a few minutes reviewing their PARCC practice packets as well as helping students create their scrap paper folders for the math tests. Finally I'll encourage students to take their PARCC packets home to review with family members if desired. Next week students will have four days of the PARCC math test.

Tomorrow students will review math more and also work on a science MCAS review packet. We've complemented the week of tests and deep research with lots of play and little homework and that's kept students happy and energized. Onward.