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Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Week Ahead: Second Week of May

The week ahead is another week focused on testing, project work, and science study.

Students will take the PARCC Math test. We've covered the standards, and prior to starting the tests I'll remind them of good strategy:
  • Do what you know first
  • Then do what you are less sure of
  • After that check your work
  • Do all your calculations on paper, not in your head so you can check your work
  • Read carefully
  • Use the kind of scratch paper that will help you do your best job: big, lined, graph, or small plain
Biography Research
We'll give the biography project lots of good time this week including lots of research, writing, editing, and updating. 

The Spadefoot tadpoles look like this right now. It's important
that we begin charting our data like scientists tomorrow. 
Science Study
Students will have some time to learn more about the metamorphosis of the endangered spadefoot toad. We'll also continue reading our Spadefoot toad novel and practice for the upcoming science MCAS tests.

Play Practice
Small groups will practice for the play.

Grant Presentation
I'll share the good news about the fifth grade WPSF grants with the WPSF.

There's lots of field trip paperwork and other paperwork to catch up on.

Research and Meeting
More research, planning, and prep related to spadefoot toads, STEAM projects, composting, and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Our naturalist studies begin in earnest next week with a number of special events. 

MTA Annual Meeting
Although I have the day, I may miss this due to paperwork/protocol issues. If that happens, I'll make an earlier effort to attend next year.

"The World Under Your Feet"
A local farmer and naturalist, Kathy Huckins, will present this talk at Stearns Farm in Framingham. I'm looking forward to the event, and will plan to share what I learn with my students.