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Saturday, May 07, 2016

Teaching/Learning Laundry List

  1. Apply for DESE Advisory Board.
  2. Read and study about composting, spadefoot toads, and local endangered species.
  3. Buy additional STEAM organizational carts, continue to reorganize and label STEAM center.
  4. Review STEAM projects, organize supplies for projects, and carry-out explorations with students.
  5. Complete transition materials for next year: math letters, move-up letter, website creation, supply list.
  6. Complete this year's end-of-year paperwork: report cards, conference lists, cum cards, supply orders.
  7. Prep Institute/Workshop Presentations
  8. Plan, announce, and carry out ECET2 with colleagues
  9. Review and revise this year's curriculum in preparation for next year
  10. Read books on book list.
  11. Continue to update Union website
  12. Complete capstone project
  13. Have fun with friends and family
And not necessarily in that order :)