Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pushing Forward: What to do about small injustices?

Perhaps I should just let the injustice occur, yet I know that every time an injustice occurs without speaking up, the injustices increase with strength and impact.

So many let injustice go. They just take it and don't speak up. They let it happen.

And when this occurs, it's often innocent, powerless people that suffer.

"You can't change the world" or "That's not your problem," so many will remark when they are asked to comment on conflict. They may find other ways around the conflict to smooth their own path or create a detour in order to not have to face or see the issue at hand.

There are conflicts that are so big that it's difficult to dissect them, yet there are small conflicts that can easily be dissected and remedied if people are invested in the solution or better work. Yet, we find that these small, and often painful conflicts, are not looked upon with any sense of investment or care--not that many want to make change so they persist.

I like to work in open, transparent, invested communities that seek to do the best they can. In many ways, I've found those communities, and in some places I still long for this kind of working, proactive group.

The cartoon at the top of the page keeps coming to mind as it speaks so much truth in this regard.