Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Opportunity for Collaboration: Union Membership

The images above depict some of my most important influences when it comes to teaching and learning well. New additions for this chart continue to come to mind such as SUASCO and of course, TWITTER which introduced me to most of the organizations included above. 
I met with a wonderful, creative education consultant yesterday who has so many good ideas about teaching well. It's rare to meet with someone from outside the typical education circles who is so teacher-friendly and concerned about the mission of what we do which is to teach children well.

As we spoke, she told me positive stories of collaboration between state agencies, unions, and outside agencies and consultants. I really enjoyed learning about the potential for this positive synthesis.

That propelled me to look closely at my own local union's mission, a mission outlined by the points below:

Unions often are met with negativity, but when you read our mission statements above, you recognize that the premise is positive and promising.

When educators work together to promote positive agendas, optimal work conditions, advantageous systems, strategic process, and fair salaries, then they have a greater opportunity to serve children well in professional, promising ways.

I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to meld my work in the classroom with that of outside supportive agencies, the state, and union too. That synthesis, if done well, holds great promise.