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Monday, May 02, 2016

Math Assessment Reflection

I just corrected a large number of math assessments. The assessments were a review of year-long learning in math. I culled many thoughts with regard to next year's program.

Good Attitudes and Cultural Proficiency
I believe that most students in the classes approach math with a positive growth mindset and a good attitude. I believe this was due, in a large part, to the accessible way the math year began. With that in mind, I'd like to begin the math year in a similar way as last year. The one addition will be the creation of a class infographic at the start of the year in order to create community and greater cultural proficiency. I keep chasing this project and hopefully next year it will happen.

Regular Review and Assessment
I want to continue to keep a pattern of regular review and assessment as that informs the math teaching/learning program well.

Multi-modal Standards Focus
I want students to attend to each standard in a multi-modal fashion where they make models, write about it, calculate, and solve problems. I'd like to tighten up this focus more in the year ahead. I also want to revise the math website to match this focus.

Math Tech
We'll continue to practice math with math tech using the programs prescribed by our tech team and math leaders.

Summer Math
I want to write a good letter to parents of this year's students and last year's students about how they can boost mathematical thinking and practice during the summer months. It's true that time-on-task with math matters and in today's world, we have multiple avenues for terrific math practice, games, and learning.