Friday, May 27, 2016

Last 15 Days: Attention to Students

There's fifteen days of school left, and this is the time when you have to postpone some of the events that are not related to current student needs, so that the time left is focused on the children.

As educators, it's not uncommon to have a curriculum plan that equals more than a whole teaching year. You do all that you can to fit it all in so in the final days you complete the final tasks.

For this educator, that means the following:

Biography Project
We work with all students to reach mastery. That's why it's almost senseless to give projects like this a grade because we coach all students to a high performance level.

STEAM Projects
To do these projects well takes lots of time. These were add-ons this year, so we'll do our best. Students love these projects, and I hope that I can weave them into the curriculum with greater time and planning next year. In the meantime though, we'll have fun working with the students to complete the tasks.

Field Studies
We have a couple great field studies planned which will be lots of fun, but demand great attention and care.

Special Events
We also have a concert, field day, a safety training, firefighter talk, changing bodies talk, clean-up, move-up day, and final celebrations.

Required Paperwork
Progress reports, cum cards, conference lists. . . .

It's a busy time, and what continues to be most important is keeping the program as steady and focused on students as possible. That's what matters now.

Future plans will be put on hold until summer ease permits that kind of creativity and imagination.