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Friday, May 06, 2016

Cycle Think

An image that displays the "cycle" with wheels and
the "stop-and-go" with the metal fence spires.
A recent issue and discussion made me realize that many don't think in cycles. Like the wheels on a bicycle, cycle think goes round and round. It's a continuous cycle or perhaps a spiral of effort where one action leads to another.

Instead I think many prescribe to the stop-and-go think, plan, and act mode of research and decision. This kind of think creates a pattern and sticks to it. For example in this kind of think you only consider certain issues on certain days, months, seasons, or years.

I think that cycle think may be more efficient and forward moving because in cycle think which is much like a living system one act impacts another and as events occur, you give those events good energy and reflection. When you reflect you determine how the event went and how that event affects next events.

For example recently I wondered about an issue. I was met with the reaction that I asked the question at the wrong time, since related questions are not asked until another time. As I thought of that reaction, I realized that what could have been a very small issue if attended to year by year may become a big issue because so much time and oversight has lapsed. Routines and cycles of attention can keep our efforts fresh, timely, more satisfying, and better aimed. Waiting a long time between one action to the next can leave room for errant trails and misguided decisions.

Yet stop-and-go think and plans may be more realistic. Do we have time to consider every event/action with depth, reflection, revision, and next steps? Can't we just end an event and move on to another?  In the end, I think that stop-and-go think is less efficient and growth producing. But as in all things it's rarely one or another, and a continuum instead--some of this and some of that.