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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Classroom Learning: Reaching the Crescendo

The learning is building up.

There's a big push on right now.

A push to complete final research and projects. A push to practice well for the upcoming fifth grade play. A push to do well on standardized tests.

This big, multi-dimensional push is not negative, in fact the work, for the most part, is leading to some welcome and exciting signature learning events: the biography project presentation and fifth grade play. Typically when any of us reach for something big and good, we work harder and reach a crescendo of effort, time, collaboration, and use of energy.

This is part of the school year choreography. We don't plan for the year to be a series of same days, but instead, we design the year to be varied and inviting.

As I help students push forward with research, play practice, reading, writing, and math practice, I continually remind them of the pride and confidence they will feel when they present their work and perform. I tell them that when you do your best, you feel good about yourself, and I remind them that teachers are there to support their good work with help for school projects and strategy coaching for tests. I also point out the stories of athletes, leaders, scientists, actors, and more that put in extra effort to achieve something special and meaningful.

It's going to rain all week this week, and the rainy days are a good time to dig in to all the school work students have to complete. I'll continue to encourage, and I'll also remind them of the fun that follows all this challenging work, fun that includes field trips, Field Day, nature walks, STEAM projects, and more.