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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Class Meeting: Strengthening Community

Yesterday was a challenging classroom day.

The faculty meeting started the day with many thoughtful and some challenging issues.

Then it was the first day of PARCC which had a number or new and unexpected events.

Students were agitated.

Few could attend after the testing, yet we had some good project work to do.

We had a time out, and then a short meeting. After that everyone got back on track.

Today we'll start with a short meeting--we need it. It's not easy to test for so many days. It's not easy to research deep for the big biography project.

Many students really want to play and socialize.

That's where their energy is directed.

We'll talk about the realities this morning. We'll look for ways that we can help each other and strengthen our class community during these days of challenging work--the year's crescendo.

After that we'll begin our work to study, play, create, and play again.