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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Another Sunny Day: Teaching in May 2016

Science Team Roles
Overall we had a good day yesterday. There was a hiccup caused by some ripped erasers that were thrown around the room which led to the "vandalism speech," a speech that draws the connection between destruction and money. If money is spent to replace or repair, then there's less money for playground equipment and fun. Students mostly understand that connection when made. Hiccups like that simple example happen all the time in school, after all school is a place where students can safely make mistakes or err and then learn how to do it better.

The rest of the day included more science songs and videos as we review lessons learned from K-5 for the science MCAS test. Students also took another section of the PARCC math test and decorated the simple machines they made in art class.

Today is students' last PARCC test of the year. After that we'll spend some time making science teams, talking about roles, and working together on an investigation of the spadefoot tadpoles using magnifiers and a scale. We'll watch a few short videos about the spadefoot toads as well and discuss the spadefoot's food chain, life cycle, body systems/adaptation, and endangerment.

Later students will have time for music class, reading independently or in small groups, clean-up, and an afternoon recess in the beautiful spring sunshine.