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Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Good Tax Structure Invites Greater Voice

When schools are supported mainly by grants and private funding, then there is less voice with regard to how those schools should grow and develop. The voice is limited to those who are providing the grants.

When schools are supported by a good tax structure, then more voice is invited with regard to how to spend that money for the greater good of all involved.

I am grateful that so many lend support to education, however, I fear that by looking more to single funders or grant sources, we are limiting the voices of our diverse populous when it comes to creating a strong education for every child. When voice is limited, then the potential for positive decisions that reflect our democracy are limited too.

We have tremendous democratic structures in place to build equitable, valuable programs that serve our populous well. If we re-look at tax structure and make sure that we are raising substantial funds to support public systems such as education and healthcare, we will better invite the voices of many which will result in systems that serve our citizens and communities better.

When communities are well served, there is less violence, unhappiness, expensive health problems, and conflict. Well served communities are peaceful, proactive, and positive.

Let's look at ways to re-structure taxes, raise needed funds, and support public programs and institutions that create a good life for all of our citizens--a good life that invites the voices of our diverse people. That's the America I look forward to promoting in the days ahead.