Saturday, April 30, 2016

Who Makes the Decisions for Public Education?

Who makes the decisions for public education?

Does anyone profit financially from these decisions?

What do we value with regard to public education?

Whose money supports public education?

What promise does public education hold for individuals' lives, the life of communities, our nation and our world?

What is the "right way" in public education?

What procedures lead to a high quality education for every child?

How does the good use of communication, time, funds, and process lead to that high quality education for every child?

Who are the friends of public education?

What does "Everyone In" education look like?

How are education dollars spent?

What does the public/private line look like in education? What should it look like? Why does this matter?

What procedures allow more to have a voice in education than less?

Who typically has a voice in education?

Do school budgets reflect school values?

How do educators/leaders spend their time? If we audit our time, do we find that our time best represents our values and what we can do for students?

What creates obstacles to good learning?

If communication is lacking, legal language too difficult to understand, and information inaccessible does that create obstacles to the good work possible?

Are there private organizations in the United States profiting greatly from education systems? If so, how can we look deeply at the affect this may be having on our schools, students, and nation?