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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Set the Stage for Success

There are many actions that parents of successful students employ that are not that difficult to replicate if you make a plan.

Here is what I've noticed.

Read A Lot
Most successful students have had a steady diet of books since they were in the womb. Reading daily with and to your children sets them up for success. If you can't do this, it's fairly easy to access a local library hour or online reading site.

Museums, Nature Preserves, Farms, and Libraries
Successful students spend time at wonderful places of learning and investigation. Many of these places are free to attend with library passes or on special days.

Lots of Love and Good Care
Successful students are well loved and cared for.

Healthy Food, Regular Dental and Health Care, and Adequate Sleep
These successful students are healthy students who receive the care they need. Again if money is an issue there are often ways to find this care at affordable ways but it takes some extra effort.

Academic Focus
Many families seek out support when children struggle with academics.

Extracurricular Activities
Typically successful students are active with positive after school activities that develop their passions, interests, and talents. Again there are many free opportunities in this regard, but it demands investigation and lead time.

A Not Too Early Start in School
Often parents of successful students don't start their formal schooling until they are older rather than being the youngest child in a class. Sometimes parents will even change schools and start a child a year behind just to give their child the advantage.

Family and Friends
Generally successful students are not isolated from support, instead their families embrace the notion that "it takes a village" and shares their child's journey and support with others.

Proper Clothing and Sunscreen
Surprisingly clothing gets in the way a lot at elementary school. Having good play clothes that match the weather matters. Making sure you have those snow pants, hats, mittens, sneakers, clothes to protect from ticks, hats, and sunscreen. Too often young children are distanced from school play and activities because the clothes they wear to school are not a match for the weather or play. There are many used clothing stores that offer these clothes for no or low cost.