Sunday, April 24, 2016

Prepping STEAM/Naturalist Study

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Our students are about to embark on a large number of naturalist study efforts. This morning I've been making lists of a few supplies we need as well as local experts to support our study.

What will this naturalist study include?

First, we have three naturalist-related STEAM investigations that focus on clean water, composting, and plants.

We are also working to help save the local endangered eastern spadefoot toad.

Further, we'll be hiking along our local Dudley Brook and Concord's Great Meadows to learn about our natural environment.

And, I've invited experts from TransitionWayland and TransitionFramingham to come and talk to us and lead us in activities related to sustainability.

Lastly, I'll embed lots of the factual information related to these efforts into our upcoming math problem solving and computation test review. That will help students practice math for the PARCC test and learn lots of science facts too.

I'm sure that these investigations will lead to more naturalist study and investigation as well. This is a great match for the end of the school year and great spring weather.