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Thursday, April 14, 2016

PARCC Practice Test

Today students will take the PARCC Practice Test in Math. I took a look at it yesterday, and figured out our system log in steps. I wasn't able to access the "read it to me" tools, and I'm wondering if that's available on the practice test as I could not find it. I'll have the students look for it with me.

We'll take the test mostly like we'll take the real tests in a couple of weeks.

First, I'll have students fill their test folders with a variety of scrap paper including grid paper, lined paper, regular sized plain paper, and extra large plain paper. I'll encourage students to use the size and type of scrap paper that helps them organize their work best. I'll also remind them about the use of POW to structure problem solving. POW includes P for problem analysis with prime facts/words, pictures (models), and purpose, O for organizing with your "Do What" comparisons and calculations, and W for write/explain your thinking.

Once students have their scrap paper and a short introduction, I'll hook up one computer to the overhead and guide students through the sign in process. Then I'll let them get started. As they work, I'll move around the room supporting their practice efforts and troubleshooting when problems occur.

Our students use computers a lot when it comes to learning math. They're quite familiar with multiple tools and platforms so I don't think they'll have a lot of problems with that. As I watch them take the tests, I'll note areas for further review in the days ahead as we have a couple of school weeks prior to the math test.