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Monday, April 11, 2016

Living Systems

As part of the Teacher Leadership Initiative, I read these two articles:
Both articles provided powerful paradigms for the processes we use to lead in schools.

As I think about the articles, I am inspired to do the following:
  • Continue to look for ways to support greater community, connectivity, and knowledge of one another.
  • Continue to look for ways to invite voice from all in the learning community with regard to the work we do--to understand what they find meaningful, their needs, ideas, and questions.
  • To take time to be watchful and responsive in timely, natural ways that matter.
  • To move from more mechanistic processes to more natural, living processes.
  • To be mindful of process over product.
I really like the way Wheatley calls us to learn about systems from the living world around us rather than the machine-like systems imposed over the past three hundred years. In many ways the school community where I work naturally embraces living systems, and in some ways we still hold on to machine-like processes.

I will think more on these powerful articles in the days to come--articles that hold great potential when it comes to serving and teaching children well.