Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Inspiring School Assembly

Every so often our weekly school assembly touches me in a deeper than usual way. Today the art teacher and music teacher worked together to teach the school about Grandma Moses and her art with this video:

First graders explained how they learned about landscapes and the seasons with Grandma Moses art. Then the music teacher led all of our K-5 students with a sing-a-long as we all watched the video. It was wonderful.

The principal helped fifth graders share their math problem solving story, and then a trio of first graders shared their original Puppet Pals digital story. Finally service learning teams received awards and we sang the school song. 

The school assembly allows students and educators to share their good learning and efforts weekly. It's a great vehicle for establishing and nurturing a positive culture and teaching each other about new ways to learn.

Good work in schools makes the job meaningful and the students happy and successful. It's worth the time it takes to collaborate, try out new ideas, revise/create wonderful units, and reach beyond our school building to experts and organizations in the field to develop our potential as educators and learners.

With that in mind, we'll continue our steady efforts to review the math for upcoming tests, learn all we can about raising and caring for spadefoot toad tadpoles, prepping for upcoming STEAM projects and biography project presentations, and continuing our strong focus on reading and writing.