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Sunday, April 10, 2016

How Are You Developing Your Professional Skill and Performance

When you seek to continually improve your professional work, the work becomes much more meaningful and interesting.

To do the same thing over and over again without growth or change is dull and not as effective as continued growth?

Therefore as I ponder this sunny Sunday morning, I'm thinking about where it is that I'm developing my work and effort.

Teacher Leadership
First, I'm involved in a number of teacher leadership initiatives. These initiatives are teaching me a lot about how to support and lead positive change, new initiatives, and changed schools with regard to serving children well. At the forefront of this work with regard to my work is the development of our shared teaching model at fifth grade. How can we continue to develop this model in ways that provide a top notch education to the children we teach.

Cultural Proficiency
Next, I want to develop my skill and expertise with regard to teaching all students well. How can I continue to strengthen my ability to teach in ways that are culturally proficient and inclusive. There continues to be room for growth in this regard. This week cultural proficiency and the opportunity gap is the focus of our staff meeting. We have consultants coming to support our analysis and growth in this regard. I also plan to read Chris Emdin's book, For White Folks that Teach in the Hood. . . I've heard Emdin speak and I know that he has wisdom to share that will help me to teach better.

Social Competency and Learning-to-Learn Skills and Attitudes
After that I want to continue to develop social competency and learning-to-learn efforts with regard to student success. We've done a good job in this regard this year, but I want to think about how we can develop these initiatives and efforts more because we know that positive relationships and self motivated, confident, collaborative efforts are at the center of what we can do to teach well in schools.

Math/STEAM Education
Finally, I want to continue to learn more about math and STEAM teaching and learning. I'll use NCTM as the center point for this development since as a member I receive multiple terrific professional articles, learning opportunities, and professional challenges from that organization. I look forward to spending time this summer reading the magazines and perhaps even writing an article for NCTM.

As individuals we can't be all thinks in a single school, district, or organization, but we can work together to meet the challenges that are unique to our roles, vision, strengths, and goals. Unless routed otherwise, the areas above will be my main focus in the days ahead. Please let me know if you have any questions or any links or information for me. Thanks!