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Friday, April 01, 2016

Friday Musings: April 2016

Today was like six days rolled into one and I could have even extended it to the evening talent show, but I needed to tend to family and home. School can be a never ending job.

Yet, the issues on the kickball field actually translated into some great new goals for our class, one that everyone supports so there's some good team building ahead and that's great.

Also a close look at the tight schedule moving forward has laid the foundation for a worthwhile team meeting next week.

What's most important is our intent is well grounded which is to truly serve students well. Our resources are abundant and accessible, and our goals good.

As we move forward, there's the need to slow it down, pay close attention to the individuals we work with, and continue a positive momentum with regard to good teaching.

Supporting and working towards good communication and efficient, streamlined paperwork and processes is also a goal at this time because we don't want to waste time with matters that are unnecessary or problem creating rather than problem solving.