Thursday, April 28, 2016

Creating Next Year's Timeline

How do you create your curriculum timeline?

Are you apart of that effort or is the timeline given to you?

I think that in the best of circumstances creating the curriculum timeline is an inclusive process, a process where the teaching team works together to create a loose-tight map of learning goals and efforts. This map would be loose-tight so that it leaves room to teach students first and content second.

As I think over the past year, I realize that I want to build in even more curriculum related social competency work at the start of the year next year to develop as strong as possible sense of team and community for our teaching/learning team.

That work begins soon as we prepare the materials for the transition day, a day when we introduce students to our TeamFive program. That introduction will include creating a folder with our TeamFive symbol on top, a welcome letter, supply list, and perhaps other materials inside. The event will also include time for all the teachers to talk with the upcoming fifth graders and time for next year's fifth graders to visit their homerooms, and perhaps the other classrooms too.