Monday, April 25, 2016

Are Typical Classrooms Too Small for Today's Learning?

As I once again do an overhaul of the classroom to get ready for a new leg of the teaching/learning year, I do wonder if classrooms are too small for today's learning.

The materials for hands-on, real world learning take up lots of space. Student movement requires space too. So as I sort and re-sort once again to find room for STEAM projects and supplies, raising Eastern spadefoot toads, and taking PARCC tests, I'm wondering about this question.

Luckily my room is right next to the playground so we'll likely bring some of those STEAM projects out into the playground. Also thanks to the shared model of teaching, I don't have too host as many ELA or social studies supplies as I did in the past.

So for now, I'll make the space work. Onward.