Saturday, March 26, 2016

Where Am I Headed Educationally?

From big ideas to real time efforts--that's the rhythm my professional path regularly takes. I love to engage in discussions about the big ideas that affect education, and I also like my daily efforts to mirror my commitment and enjoyment of the big ideas. So with regard to those daily efforts, where is it that I'm headed.

All Things Math
I truly enjoy teaching and learning about math. There are so many ways to build this effort including reading more about math and teaching math, attending math conferences and workshops, teaching math daily, responding to students' math learning/teaching, building in more "maker math" and "model creation" into math class, and greater tech inclusion. Some efforts that I will choose from include the following:
  • Finishing Keith Devlin's Mathematical Thinking MOOC
  • Participating in Jo Boaler's online math course.
  • Attending an NCTM conference
  • Reading NCTM magazines
  • Revisiting the current math curriculum and revising to make it more culturally proficient, hands on, and meaningful.
  • Learning about and incorporating more technology into math teaching/learning particularly technology related to gaming and 3D platforms such as Minecraft
How can I best invite all students into the learning in ways that empower, engage, and educate. With regard to this goal, I want to read more, participate in related chats, conferences, and conversations, and write a grant to lead some actionable study and research in this regard with a local expert organization, Primary Source.

Students love this hands-on, real world, collaborative learning and learning this way matters a lot with regard to students' future and their ability to solve real problems in important ways in the future. I want to grow my work in this regard and have some ideas about this which I'll write more about later.