Monday, March 07, 2016

Tomorrow's Math Focus: Precision

Successful Math Partners
Students have a bit more work to do to solidify the fraction work we've been doing. They're a bit tired of it, but I know that one or two more days will really help me to get them to where I want their understanding to be. Therefore tomorrow we'll focus on precision.

I'll ask students to give examples of when it's important that the math is clear and precise. I imagine they'll offer building, medical, and perhaps, financial, examples. Then I'll explain what precise work looks like for the fraction grid packet they are working on. I'll ask them to work at their own desks tomorrow so I can easily move about the room taking a look at their work and remarking at how precise and clear they are. The exercise moves from quite simple to quite challenging so I'll assist and coach as needed.

I'll let students know that some learning is quiet, steady, and somewhat repetitive in order to deepen and solidify concepts into that long term memory--the place that's far more efficient and reliable than short term memory. I know this kind of precise work will lay a strong foundation for the learning to come. Onward.