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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Stay the Path: Step by Step to the Year's End

Staying the course means knowing what the course includes--here's the list:


  • African American History Special Event
  • STEAM Special Event, Theme Day, Professional Learning
  • Matter Special Event
  • Origami Special Event
  • Showcase Portfolio Work
  • Family Conferences Led by Students
  • Fractions, Fractions, and More Fractions
  • Social Competency and Character Focus
  • School Redesign Cohort Work
  • Shared Teaching Capstone Work
  • Boaler's Mathematical Mindset Conversations in-house 3/14 and online 3/22 via #edchatma 8pm-9pm
  • Stearns Farm CSA Work
  • NCTM Chapter
  • Problem Solving
  • Frog Project and Outdoor Classroom (?)
  • Math Year Review
  • PARCC Prep
  • More STEAM Theme Days
  • Systemwide Middle School Math Test (end of month)
  • Middle School Transition Documents
  • Continued capstone TLI and school redesign work
  • Tests, tests, and more tests
  • Science week
  • Fifth grade play focus
  • Biography Project focus
  • Outdoor Classroom Focus
  • Freedom Trail Trip
  • Biography Presentations
  • Field Day
  • Special Fifth Grade Events
  • Ordering
  • Systemwide Professional Learning Workshops
  • Move-up Day Work
  • Review of notes and research in preparation for next year.
  • Farm work
  • Family, FUN!
  • Classroom set-up
  • Introduction Efforts