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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Looking Ahead: Big Ideas to Local Actions

A Saturday morning finds me thinking about big ideas in ed which always then leads me in the direction of defining the direct ideas I'll implement in the week ahead. I plan, revise, plan again as I work to meet the needs of my students. So what will take precedence this week?

We need to talk a bit about Friday's field trip. There were so many positives about the trip to the Christa McAuliffe Integrated Science Learning Center, and there are few matters of good manners, team, and respect we need to talk about too. It's not easy learning with large groups in a new place, so we'll discuss this before we go on another new field trip this week.

Showcase Portfolios and Conferences
A large part of this week will be devoted to organization and reflection as students complete their mid-year showcase portfolio work, work that includes reflections, signature learning efforts, and images. Students are invited to lead their spring parent conference using the showcase portfolio as a guide and evidence of their wonderful learning.

At this turn in the road, students will organize all their learning supplies to get ready for the next leg of the learn.

Fraction Review and Math Tech
With any time we have left over in math, students will review fractions and catch up with regard to their math tech platforms.

Harry Potter
My small RTI group will reach deeper into the first Harry Potter book as we work on fluency efforts. It's also time to take the fluency and comprehension progress monitoring tests.

Positive Support
I expect a lot of my young learners with regard to community, care, and learning, and I want to make sure that they know I stand behind them and believe in them. I'll add those messages this week.

Character Posters
We'll return to our work on the character posters on Friday morning.