Friday, March 04, 2016

Listen Well: An Opportunity to Learn

Today and the weekend finds me in a wonderful place to listen in order to learn.

First, a colleague will present our spring student "capstone project" - the biography project. Each year the project is revised and refined to meet the times as well as current students' needs and interests. I support this project with ideas, lots of editing, and leg work. My colleagues, who lead the project, will lead today's initial discussion, and I look forward to participating.

Later tonight and tomorrow, I'll be led by the Massachusetts' Teacher Leadership Initiative coaches. They've planned a couple days of intense learning. I've done the work up to now, and I'm ready for the introduction and information that will lead the final leg of the journey. Again, I'll mostly play the role of listener as I consider the path ahead with regard to my capstone project which is the shared teaching effort we're employing and developing at our grade level.

Finally, the ECET2 Massachusetts group will meet on Sunday. A few dynamic teachers are leading our efforts to obtain grant money to run a Massachusetts' ECET2. I know that these colleagues will have lots of information and ideas to share. I'm playing a support role on this team, so I'll be ready to listen.

After that, I hope to attend a Worcester Student Art Show at Worcester's main library, a relative and colleague has led a dynamic art project with a host of Worcester students. She described it to me and it sounds wonderful so I'm hoping I'll have the time to see it and listen to the artists, educators, and community leaders describe the work.

While I love to lead and create, I am looking forward to these days of listening to learn--days where I have the wonderful opportunity to be inspired and led by the wonderful colleagues around me.

Sadly, however, I'll miss #edcamp Boston this weekend which is another great opportunity to learn, but I'll be sure to keep up with the event by checking in on the tweets.