Wednesday, March 23, 2016

It's a Redo!

Yesterday I was very excited to teach with a number of exercises I created to explore fractions. I liked the productive struggle the packet created, but there was some definite room for revision I realized as students worked on each part of the exercise.

So, right after the class, I recreated the exercise. I made some new models and more room for productive struggle and thought. Today we'll try a redo of yesterday's lesson. I'll explain the thinking process behind the new exercise and then I'll watch how students tackle the work to see if it prompts them to question, work together, and gain understanding.

I could jump right into the numbers, but I really think it's important that we spend considerable time with the models and looking at fractions through a number of lenses before we move forward. Tailoring lessons and learning exercises to meet students' learning needs and interests is a good way to keep the teacher-student conversation and effort towards learning and creating brain paths interesting, deep, and forward moving.