Friday, March 25, 2016

A Culturally Proficient Year

This year I've made more of an effort than ever to teach with cultural proficiency, but I still have room for growth. I'm inspired to do this because of the terrific investment of my students when they see themselves in the curriculum and when the curriculum speaks to them.

While my efforts this year have been successful, I still can do more. How will I forward this movement?

First, I'll reach out to Primary Source a local organization that can help me with this. I'm hoping that they can help me craft a grant that our local foundation might fund to help me with this effort. I also want to write an NEA grant proposal to support this work. Further, I'll begin collecting titles, articles, and events that will support my learning in this regard.

My goal is to revise a number of units in the curriculum to better reflect the cultural diversity of my class, community, and State in general. This will be one of my overarching goals for the 2016-2017 school year.

Link Collection
I will start collecting related posts and links as I move this study forward. Here are starters:

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I had the chance to hear Chris Emdin speak and I'm looking forward to reading his book.