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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Where Are We Going? A Sense of Team

Knowing the game plan helps one to collaborate well with others.

When the plans, ideas, and maps are not shared, it's more difficult for the team to collaborate and work together to achieve a positive aim.

Good coaches keep include the team in the planning process and also keep the team involved and abreast of the plan's execution, revision, assessments, and forward movement. They notice the good work of the team and look for ways to overcome obstacles and weak points. They continually communicate with the team so that everyone knows what is going on.

It's difficult to do good work without that kind of leadership as when the team is not working together it's likely that there is overlap, more missteps, and a lack of the kind of synergy, share, and creativity that really works to move a team forward.

I love working with and for dynamic teams. What's possible in these situations is awesome. Currently I have this opportunity as a fifth grade teacher since the team of classroom teachers, special educators, assistants, and in some cases, specialists work together to to provide a terrific program for students.

The more we can build team in our teaching/learning organizations, the better we will serve children.