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Friday, February 05, 2016

Thinking about Equity and Empowerment

At ECET2 I thought a lot about equity and empowerment. What can we do to "celebrate and elevate" in ways that help all of our students succeed with strength.

If we look at our teaching/learning teams, who is succeeding with strength, who is not, and why? How can we better our work with regard to equity and empowerment.

The conference prompted the following responses:

Commitment and Team
Who do you team with in this regard, and how does your team work together to move towards greater equity and empowerment for all students, particularly students who are underserved?

It was clear at ECET2 that positive relationships play a huge role when it comes to equity and empowerment. How do we redesign schools, schedules, and roles to make time and build effort with regard to nurturing relationships between educators, leaders, students, family members, and community members.

What matters when it comes to equity and empowerment? What does research tell us really matters in this regard?

How can we rethink what we do in order to empower students.

Cultural Proficiency
Do students see themselves in the curriculum? How can we make that happen?

I may have the chance to soon work with a team of State colleagues on a terrific initiative related to equity and empowerment. I'm thinking about the ways that we may make this happen to benefit all students and in particular, our students who are least served.