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Friday, February 05, 2016

The Day Ahead

We have a busy day planned today.

We'll start with our PLC. One member of the team is home with an ill child, so we'll likely shift our focus to prepping and planning for upcoming special events. While we're at PLC, students will work on math crossword puzzles as one way to prepare for an upcoming system-wide math test.

Next students will have a recess. They'll likely enjoy running around in the snow if outdoor recess is permitted. If not, they'll play in the classroom.

After that we'll try using the cafe for our open circle meeting. It should give us more room than the classroom. Our school guidance counselor will lead us.

Then it's time for technology class. That's my planning period so I'll xerox our Team Week activities packet in preparation for next week's special Team focus.

Then it will be time math RTI where students are working with care on their digital math stories.

It's lunch after that, and then two periods of math where we'll make our foot long rulers as one way to study fractions. At the very end of the day we'll wrap up by cleaning the room and preparing for the journey home.

Then it's time to clean off the cars and make the trip home.

The weekend will bring time to complete my TLI homework, read, attend my son's sports event, and enjoy special times with family and friends.

It's another day in a teacher's life.