Thursday, February 25, 2016

RICE: Math Problem Solving Review

This week's systemwide test has a section that includes lots of short word problems. Unlike the multi-level problems that the PARCC test presents, problems we're working on with our POWerful SRSD approach and by making digital math story problems, these problems are short and sweet thus needing a quicker, easier acronym to guide the work. I like the clarity of the RICE acronym (see image at the top).

Learning from yesterday's test, I'll have students start by writing down the acrostic on this sheet:
After that we'll practice a host of short and somewhat simple word problems using this guide.  I've decided to include a quick review of using variables as well. So since the focus is use of variables and good strategy, I've chosen to keep the content somewhat simpler.

We'll review the acronym, write the acrostic, complete some problems together, and then I'll let students work with friends or alone to complete the rest of the problems. At the end there are a number of equations that students may use to write their own problems. They always enjoy that part of the process.

I think this will be a good review for students, one that will likely take one or two lessons. Let's see.