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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Prep for the Systemwide Test

Students will take a systemwide math test after vacation. The test includes a host of math topics under the general headings of concepts and communication, computation, and problem solving. We've studied almost every topic on the test to some degree, and once vacation ends, we'll have a few days to prepare more. How will we do this?

For concepts and communication, I'll have students complete a large math crossword puzzle that reviews much of the fifth grade vocabulary likely to be included on the test. To prep for the computation portion, students will review all the computation we've learned to date in addition to a quick, broad brush review of fraction computation. Then for the problem solving work, we'll return to our POWerful SRSD problem solving approach for a couple of days of review. Once the test is past, students will embark on a month of deep fraction study, and then a month of curriculum review with a focus on problem solving and prep for the PARCC test. We'll end the year with lots of hands-on math that matches our STEAM study.

I'll continue to use lots of films to teach content and boost morale, perseverance, and growth mindsets. Today I introduced them to Amazon's math mindset film--they liked it. I call moments ike these math commercials!