Sunday, February 28, 2016

Meet Challenge with a Positive Pattern

One way to meet challenge is to review your professional pattern--what efforts are integral to doing the work that's positive.

Generally this pattern works well.

Morning Read, Research, Write
Generally the morning is a good time to shore up my thoughts and efforts with reading, research, and writing. This morning study sets the stage for a positive day.

Teach Well
The school day is mostly spent teaching students, responding to their needs, completing paperwork, and doing the leg work to prep for learning opportunities. Generally almost all of this time is active, purposeful teaching work.

This is a good time to prepare any materials needed for the next day, clean up the classroom, and attend professional learning meetings. This is also a good time for other, more personally related efforts and endeavor.

Some evenings are family-driven and some find me doing the work related to professional learning efforts such as #edchat moderation, TLI study, #ECET2 proposal work, and work related to my main focus areas: Math, STEAM, and Character and Social Competency work.

A positive pattern supports the path to good work and endeavor. Onward.