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Monday, February 15, 2016

Kahn Academy: Incredible Resource

My son in college called the other day to lament his poor score on a quiz. I responded, "Why don't you review the material using Kahn Academy?"

He replied, "Mom, they don't have that."

I said, "I bet they do," and within a couple of seconds of logging on, I found a large number of exercises and videos related to the subject matter he was struggling with.

I'm not sure why people are not quicker to embrace Khan Academy as one incredible resource for learning. Sure, it doesn't replace the terrific back-and-forth, hands-on, collaborative problem solving that we can facilitate in the classroom, but it certainly beats a dictionary or "staying stuck" with its wonderful library of videos and multi-modal exercises.

When I return to school, I am going to emphasize Khan Academy more as a resource for families and students. It's a great way for students to prepare for standardized tests. As I've mentioned before, I used Khan to prepare for the Massachusetts Elementary Math test and it proved to be a terrific resource for preparation.

Another one of my sons is preparing for the SAT. Khan Academy has that too. I hope to use it with him so I can learn more about the new SAT and Khan Academy too.

The key to using this terrific resource is knowing how to log onto and access the learning with strength. I'll work with students on that too in the coming weeks.

Is Khan Academy part of your math teaching/learning repertoire? How do you help students to utilize this terrific tool to boost their learning and understanding?  I'm interested in your thoughts.