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Thursday, February 18, 2016

It Begins with Respect

It all begins with respect.

Respect for ourselves and respect for one another.

People haven't always believed this. In fact when I was a young child, I would say that society's mantra was more about control than respect. There was a tight hierarchy at the time and dependent upon where you fit into that hierarchy, there was an expectation for you, your behavior, your associates, and your future.

Research today points us in a different direction. Carol Dweck has shared the growth mindset research with so many in her book, Mindset, and that's catching on and finding inroads into multiple organizations, research, and efforts.

People are beginning to dig deeper and see more thus undermining old notions that are not true and in many ways were limiting to people due to age, race, culture, geographical location, gender, economic class, or interest area.

In a sense we are continually moving towards greater freedom and greater collaboration, and this is a good direction if we want to continue to seek the best possible lives for humans today and in the future.

Yes there are back steps in this movement. Back steps most notably presented in the nasty rhetoric of some politicians, leaders, and artists, and more dangerous, back steps that are hidden from sight, those we can't clearly define, notice, or understand.

Yet, if we embrace this forward movement there is so much opportunity for positive ideas, structures, events, and learning. We can continue to move forward to greater freedom and collaboration with the best interests of all in mind.

In my own small sphere in this universe, I will seek to find ways to empower the young people I teach each and every day by helping them to gain a strong foundation of concept, skill, and knowledge as well as optimal learning-to-learn skills and attitudes and a rich self understanding and concept. I want my students to be ready to navigate the paths that life presents to them with confidence, contribution, and creativity--they are the future problem solvers, leaders, and livers in this complex world.

How will you forward our continued yearning for greater freedom and collaboration--our need to be who we are, belong, evolve, and contribute?

Getting back to my initial point, it begins with respect, and if you grew up in a time where that was less valued, then there's a learning curve you've got to maneuver first. Onward.