Monday, February 29, 2016

Forward Drive

After a troubling weekend, a tough decision, and painful redirection, I'm charting the course again.

Where am I going?

Math Education
I'll dive back into Boaler's book later this week as I create and employ "floor to ceiling" exercises to develop students' fraction understanding and knowledge.

My colleagues and I will choose a half day to shore up our STEAM efforts for the weeks ahead. We have a good plan, but we have some details to shore up.

Social Competency
Students will create their Character posters on Friday and continue social competency study in Open Circle.

Teacher Leadership Initiative
I'll focus on the details for this initiative and work to complete the capstone.

We have a team meeting planned this week, and I've got some reading to do to prepare for this.

The new course is set. Now it's time to start moving down this path.