Friday, February 26, 2016

Delving into Character: What Does it Mean to be Responsible?

As I assess my whole class and character, I'd say that they're mostly positive, respectful, persevering, courageous, cooperative, kind, tolerant, friendly, disciplined, honest, agreeable, and grateful.

Yet, as with any individual or group, there's room for improvement. As we continue down Character Road, we'll do the following:
  1. Complete the Character Posters and projects we've been working on.
  2. Focus explicitly on responsibility and what that looks like--we can improve a bit on this as I look around the room to find computers not put away, snack wrappers not properly disposed of, and some desks topped with materials.
  3. We'll also look deeper at perseverance and self control as it relates to positive learning.
The class has really embraced this study with enthusiasm, so the energy is right for this kind of work. Onward.