Friday, February 26, 2016

Coaching Students: Not Everyone Sees it the Way You Do

It can be a tremendous revelation to students to understand that not everyone sees things the way they do.

One child I taught was often dismayed since he felt slighted by his friends. He wondered, "How could they do that."

He and I talked about it.

I said, "You notice a lot, and not everyone notices as much detail as you."

He listened.

I continued, "Before judging, ask questions. Ask, why did you do that or what were you thinking. Perhaps even ask, did you see what I saw and explain what you noticed."

People look through many different lenses, lenses affected by experience, culture, gender, and more. It's important to respect one another's individuality and develop empathy as we learn to learn, live, and work with one another.

I was reminded of this common, but rich lesson too as students asked me if they could watch this wonderful video again today.