Thursday, January 14, 2016

Students Will Do It Better: Math Digital Story Project

To help students gain a deep understanding of math problem solving, I'm giving them the opportunity to craft their own math digital story problems.

I've been writing about this project over the past couple of days and tried my hand at it this morning. My digital math story problem is currently a rough draft. I'll let students watch and edit it in a few days as one way to introduce them to the project. I know they'll find some errors and have lots of suggestions as to how to make this video less boring and more entertaining in order to capture the attention of the audience. "How can I add humor and some pizazz to this video," I'll ask.

Once they edit my copy, they'll have a chance to start creating their own digital math story, a story to use to both entertain and teach the students at our school during school assembly.

The project overall will include the following steps:
  1. Introduction to digital storytelling
  2. Introduction to math problem solving using the SRSD approach
  3. Introduction to digital math storytelling and a chance to edit my digital math story (see below)
  4. Review of project steps.
  5. Student collaboration and creation.
  6. Editing the films.
  7. Publish and Present.